Selling a boat on AdamSea is about as easy as it gets. By putting your boat for sale here, you are giving it the best chance to sell to a worldwide market. Buyers from Europe, Asia, Australia and South America just to name a few, are searching our website daily for their new vessel.

Once your profile is complete on you will have access to a worldwide online market where you can list your yachts, boats or other vessels for sale using AdamSea's Sales Engine 

Below is an example of our sales engine 

My Boat

Once you click 'BUY IT NOW' the sales engine will send a request to the seller to ask if the boat is still available for sale, if the seller confirms it has been sold then the sales engine will stop as the boat is no longer available and if the seller confirms it is still available then the sales engine will move to the next step 'Negotiation'


In this Stage you have the option to negotiate the price with the seller. The seller lists the boat as 'Fixed' or 'Negotiation' if the price was setup as 'Negotiation' then you can submit your offer price and send it to the seller, they will have the option to reply with Accept, Reject or Amend.

Inspection Payment

You will have the option to skip or run an inspection for the listed boat. Surveys will be performed by an AdamSea certified surveyor, If you wish ro proceed with the survey then you will be asked to pay for the service in advance, Payments can be completed in one of the follwing methods,

  • Bank to Bank transfer to AdamSea's Account (Canada). The funds will be held by AdamSea until you receive the full report from the surveyor, following that AdamSea will transfer the funds to the surveyor. 
  • PayPal payment. The funds will be held by AdamSea until you receive the full report from the surveyor, following that AdamSea will transfer the funds to the surveyor. 

Certify my boat

Once you submit the request for a survey, the system will send an automated request to the surveyor located nearest to the boats location. All the information and documents needed will be automatically sent to the surveyor. 


Once survey is complete the surveyor will upload the following to the system.

  • Boat Pictures
  • Boat Video
  • Pre-purchase survey report
  • Verification report. to check all the information shared by the seller matches the boat status


Once buyer and seller finalize and agree on the vessel price. the Sales Engine will move to the agreement stage where the buyer will receive a system generated agreement to be signed first by the buyer then uploaded for the seller to sign. 


Once the payment stage is reached you can use one of the listed payment options

  • Bank to Bank transfer to AdamSea's Account (Canada). The funds will be held by AdamSea until the shipper confirms receipt fo the boat, payment will then be released
  • PayPal payment
  • Escrow transfer the funds to an Escrow account (Under Canadian Law). The funds will be held by Adamsea until the shipper confirms receipt of the boat, Payment will then be released.


Time to bring your boat home!

All the required documents will be automatically sent by the system to AdamSea's list of certified shippers. Once they receive the inquiry they will start sharing quotes on your sales engine. You have the option to disucss the prices direct with the shipper and payment will be direct between you and the shipper.

Complete Information

The more detail you provide about your boat, the more serious buyers you will attract. AdamSea buyers can search by make, model, engine type and several other features.


As a Corporate Seller, you have the Auction option available to you. this makes selling your boats and vessels on AdamSea a time-saving endeavor. Since you set the minimum bid, you are certain to get the price you want, if not more. At the end of the auction, the AdamSea sales engine kicks in, prompting the buyer to start the inspection process for used boats. You get all the benefits of a sale with little of the work! AdamSea does it all for you. 

Worldwide Yacht sales online is now possible via AdamSea's Sales Engine. Give your vessel the best chance to sell to a global market. Buyers from Asia, Europe, Australia and South America among others are searching our website on a daily basis for a new vessel. As soon as your profile is complete simply list your boats, yachts or other vessels for sale.


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