How to Buy New Boat on AdamSea New and Used Yachts for Sale

Buying a new boat is an exciting time! You know what kind of boat you want, all the bells and whistles, now you just have to find it. You can find new boats in our Show Room on the home page, through Auctions, and by searching for your specific preferred features. Or you can just browse through hundreds of offerings by Brokers and dealers and new build manufacturers.

The primary advantage of buying on AdamSea is the peace of mind that comes with a safe and secure transaction. Our state-of-the-art sales engine has built in authorized Shippers to make finding one easier, a fully transparent buying process, and agents on hand to assist you through each function.

Here’s how to buy a new boat on AdamSea:

First step you need to register with AdamSea as buyer user
Register as Buyer User  

AdamSea Sales Engine buying New Yacht 

My Boat

is when buyer send an inquiry to Seller asking if the boat you interested to buy still available or in stock . The manufacturer accesses account and confirms the boat is still for sale.If the boat is no longer for sale or already sold, the seller selects “Not Available” and the buyer is notified by an email and sales engine.

what Buyer can do in My Boat section.

  • Contact Seller directly and ask anything you may need to know about the boat
  • Agree in the sales process which fit both seller and buyer

If the boat is still available and the buyer wants to purchase, he or she  continues to the second step.


seller can setup the price as Fixed or Negotiation, if the price was "Negotiation" then seller and buyer can start offering their prices via the sales engine.

what Buyer can do in Negotiation section.

  • Buyer can discuss price directly with buyer and confirm it in the sale engine
  • Buyer can sign up letter of intend directly with seller


buyer and seller will sign auto purchase agreement which is generate by the sales engine    

what seller can do in Agreement section.

  • Seller can send and sign his own agreement and upload in the sales engine


This section will show the full cost of the boat, including:

  • Tax (only for Canadian buyer)
  • Excludes shipping cost, to be determined later in the process.

Buyer chooses a payment option:

  • Full cost Bank to Bank.into AdamSea account located in Canada. AdamSea act in behalf of the buyer when to release the funds to seller. 
  • Full payment by ESCROW (Canada Trust Account ).
  • Full payment via PayPal.


The AdamSea sales engine sends email notification to all affiliated shipment companies, requesting a quote to be sent directly to the buyer’s email address. The registered shipping company access their account to start submit quote through their AdamSea account to the buyer, who in turn can view quotes in their account sales engine. The buyer chooses a price and company he likes. Payment is made between the shipper and the buyer, not AdamSea or the seller.

AdamSea transfers the purchase price to the seller. upon acceptance by the buyer or the shipper receive the boat and release latter of "receive of shipment",

If you need an assistant to walk through each step in the Sales Engine.  

‚ÄčQuestions? Use the “Contact An Agent” box in the boat display. An AdamSea agent will be assigned to you. This agent will answer your questions, help you with every step of the sales engine, and liase between you and the seller, ensuring a smooth, worry-free transaction.

 Once you have made your selection, you can hit “Estimate Cost” to figure out the total purchase price. The screen will tell you fees associated with the purchase as well as calculate taxes and ask you how you would like to pay. This is an approximate tool to help you plan; the final price will be displayed at the end of the total transaction.

 Then select “Buy It Now”.  to start purchasing your selective yacht and run the Sales Engine. you can stop the sales process at anytime you change your time but not after payment is done

AdamSea's Online Boat Sales Engine is a incredible guide on how to Buy Boat Online. Find new boats in the Show Room or on the home page via Auctions. Search for your specific preferred features then Buy a New Boat. Or browse through the numerous offerings by new build manufacturers and corporate sellers.

Peace of mind is assured when you have a safe and secure transaction during a yacht buy on AdamSea. The state-of-the-art sales engine has inbuilt authorized Shippers to ensure that the boat buying process is rendered simpler and totally transparent.